Party Platters Gallery

Annies Favourite
Toasted Sandwich Platter
Krispy Creme
L&F Eclairs
Mini pitas
The meaty combo
Finger Basket
Meaty feast
Mexican platter
Amazing tarts
Cheese supreme
Half sandwich_half wraps
Gourmet Desserts
Camembert en Croute
Vegan Delight
French Pastries
Spring Rolls
Seafood Platter (2)
Jalapeno poppers
Sandwich Platter
Filled Bagels
Combo 2
Cocktail Rolls
Amazing Tarts
Sweet Treats
Sandwich Platter
Snack Platter
Veggie Platter
Veg Snack Platter (2)
Summer Fresh
The Mexican Platter
Wraps & Sandwiches (2)
Veggie Platter (2)
Mini Croissants
Fruit Skewers
Waffles & Flapjacks
Lindt & Ferrero Eclairs
Sweet Treats
Finger Snack
Toasted Samies
Cheese, Crackers and Biltong cups
Fruit & Veg Cups
Summer Fresh
Brownie Platter
Veg Snack Platter
Vegan Delight
Breakfast Selection
Spring Rolls & Samosas
Wraps & Crumbed Chicken